Afyon Kocatepe University, which is aware that a modern university will be formed through social activities as well as a good education, is leading many activities in this direction. Social, cultural and sports activities in the communities and clubs created by the students are supported by our university.

“Afyon Kocatepe University Student Societies and Clubs Directive” has been rearranged. In line with the demands of the students, new student societies and clubs have been established in different fields and continue to be established. Students create the charter of the community or club they want to establish in accordance with the “Afyon Kocatepe University Student Societies and Clubs Directive” and the establishment phase of the communities and clubs is completed by the Department of Health, Culture and Sports.

There is a “Gastronomy Club” within our faculty, which operates in a way that allows our students to continuously improve themselves. With the active work and efforts of the Tourism Faculty students, various social events such as seminars, symposiums, conferences, panels, conversations, department picnics are organized during the academic year. In addition to the Gastronomy Club, there are many clubs in different areas such as the technology club, travelers club, folklore club, photography club, literature club, book club, aviation club, young entrepreneurs club, cycling club and scouting club, which operate within the university, allows students to improve themselves.

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