Student Affairs Workflow Processes

1.Student Certificate, Transcript etc. Request Transactions
2.Student Advisor Appointment Procedures
3.Course Registration Procedures
4.Course Exemption Procedures
5.Midterm Exam Procedures
6.Make-up Exam Procedures
7.Make-up Exam Procedures
8.Single Course Exam Procedures
9.Objection to Exam Results
10.Incoming Student Transactions with Horizontal Transfer
11.Student Registration Freezing Procedures
12.Graduation Procedures
13.Student Disciplinary Actions
14.Internship Procedures


Accrual Works Workflow Processes

1.Staff Salary Transactions
2.Entry Procedures for the Additional Curriculum of the Curriculum
3.Additional Course Payment Transactions
4.Exam Fees Payment Transactions
5.Open Assignment – Transmit Personnel Transactions
6.Outgoing Personnel Transactions
7.Person Debt Transactions
8.Continuous Task Journey Processes
9.Domestic Temporary Traveling Procedures
10.Budget Preparation Procedures
12.Internship Procedures
13.Continuous Worker Payroll
14.Clothing Aid Transactions


Movable Works Workflow Processes

1.Movable Entry Transactions in Purchasing
2.Goods Receiving Transactions
3.Consumption Output Transactions
4.Embezzlement Transactions
5.Embezzlement Transactions
6.Quarterly Consumables Issue Report Notification
7.Material Output Transactions by Transfer
8.Material Output Processes via Scrap
9.Year-end Cancellation and Goods Counting Transactions


Personnel Affairs Workflow Processes

1.Academic Staff Recruitment Procedures
2.Commissioning Procedures
3.Resignation Procedures
4.Academic Staff Term Extension Procedures
5.Disciplinary Actions
6.Domestic and International Assignment Procedures of Academic Staff
7.Permission Procedures
8.Illness Permission Procedures
9.Prenatal, Postnatal and Birth Assistance Procedures
10.Free Permission Transactions
11.Permission Procedures by Power of Attorney
12.Overseas Permission Procedures
13.Notifications and Announcement


Editorial Workflow Processes

1.Incoming Documentation Processes
2.Outgoing Paperwork
3.Faculty Board Procedures
4.Faculty Administrative Board Transactions
5.Faculty Disciplinary Committee Procedures
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