Dear students,

We are happy to be the first and only tourism faculty in Turkey with all departments accredited. Together with our esteemed students, who are one of the most important stakeholders of this success, we continue to take steps to increase the quality of education and improve its position by observing the principle of continuous improvement. Our faculty is taking firm steps forward in line with its vision of being among the leading faculties at the national level by raising the qualified human resources needed by the tourism sector, making contribution to regional development by continuously increasing the quality in scientific research and educational activities with the quality standard it has reached, and becoming a faculty with international recognition in the long term.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic that has affected the whole world, we feel the bitterness of being separated from you for a while. In this process, our university has made a great contribution to the most effective execution of the process with its investments in databases and distant education learning system. Together with our academic and administrative staff, we tried to help you as efficiently as possible during this process and focused on the proactive approach of intervening before problems occur and improving processes. In this way, we made efforts to prevent the disruption of distant education activities and to identify and correct the deficiencies. In addition, we aimed to contribute to your knowledge and experience with the online events we organized.

It is one of our primary goals to increase the quality of education and the quality of the services provided to you during the time we serve you in our faculty. For this purpose, it is our duty to be open to innovations. You can support these innovations with your suggestions. The programs and contents offered to you are the result of an accumulation. However, in order to achieve the better, changing both you and our institution for the better is the basic condition of surviving in global competition. Every effort you make to increase your own quality will increase the value of you and those around you. Family, friends and school will increase their value as your value increases. In other words, everyone gains by increasing your value.

During the temporary period that we serve you; it is your responsibility to participate in all kinds of educational and social activities our faculty will provide  that will increase your knowledge,experience and quality. We recommend that you should take the opportunity to acquire knowledge and experience that will last for many years in this short time. Passive participation in the training activities given during this period will prevent you from benefiting from this program as it should, and it will also cause a loss of motivation for our personnel who spend effort for trainings. On this occasion, I believe that you, as a part of the future of our country, will be the people who do what you do best, and I wish you a happy, healthy, successful and peaceful future.

Prof. Dr. Elbeyi PELİT

Faculty Dean

12 November 2015, Thursday 3771 kez görüntülendi