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School of Tourism and Hotel Management was founded in 2005 and until 2013 it gave undergraduate education on "Hospitality Management", "Travel Management", "Food & Beverage Management" and "Tourism Guidance". In 2013 the school was transformed to faculty and was named Faculty of Tourism. Since 2013 Faculty of Tourism continues to normal and secondary education on six different undergraduate programs on "Tourism Management", "Gastronomy and Culinary Arts" and "Tourism Guidance". In addition, the faculty is giving master and doctorate degree educations on Tourism Management and non-thesis master program on Tourism Guidance.


The mission of our faculty is; to serve the community, to improve the position of our country’s tourism sector in international competition within the light of scientific principles, to educate students having critical thinking and high human values to enhance the competitiveness of our country in the sector and to do scientific research activities improving information and wealth at the national level. The faculty has academic staff with 1 Professor, 4 Associate Professors, 6 Assistant Professors, 2 Instructors, 4 Lecturers, 3 Research Assistants and administrative staff with 6 officers. About 1000 students is studying in our faculty.


In order to provide easier adaptation of our students into the sector, our school has agreements with the five-star hotels in Afyonkarahisar city center. Students have the opportunity to practice their courses on "Front Office Management", "Housekeeping Management" and "Food & Beverage Management" in these hotels. Thanks to this practical works, our students in addition to their personal and professional development have the opportunity to see the working atmosphere in hotel business.


Our graduates have the possibility to find job as mid and senior managers in private companies which are dealing with accommodation, travel, food and beverages business and other institutions or organizations of the sector. In addition, our graduates have the possibility to be employed in the relevant departments of public institutions according to their Public Personnel Selection Examination (KPSS) scores. Our graduates can continue their graduate education to find career opportunities as academic staff of the universities. Programs and contents of the courses in our faculty are structured to serve these purposes considering the requests and needs of stakeholders.


In addition to a qualified education in tourism, our faculty is also aware of the need for strong social aspect. Considering this social aspect our school organizes many kinds of social activities. There are two different student clubs that are naming "Tourism Society" and "Gastronomy Club" in our faculty to provide continuous development of the students. During academic year, various social activities such as historical and natural trips, seminars, symposiums, conferences, panel discussions, interviews on various topics, tea parties and picnics are organized within the effective work and effort of Tourism Faculty students. In addition to these activities, our students can do sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, badminton, athletics and are able to participate in tournaments by entering the faculty team.


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